Financial Review

Feb. 19, 2019 Links

What we are reading: Walmart beats as online sales surge – Business Insider.  Online sales were strong. Does the Walton family earn more in a minute than Walmart workers do in a year? – Washington Post. True. Bernie Sanders to seek U.S. presidency again in 2020 – Reuters. Larry David for VP. House Dems to probe White House’s nuclear power efforts in Saudi Arabia – Axios. Deutsche Bank Reverses Pledge to Help Distressed Homeowners – Bloomberg. Dereg fever. Otherwise Rational People Still Betting Their Real Money On Steve Mnuchin Being Able To Reach A Trade Agreement With China – Dealbreaker. Believe it when it’s done. Space Force launch zooms closer to reality under President Trump’s directive – USA Today. Because if we have a Space Force, everything else will just fall into place. Exclusive: Fed’s Williams says new economic outlook necessary for rate hikes – Reuters. Rates on hold, tightening continues. Why Can’t Trump Build Anything? – New York Times. Infrastructure is dead.