Financial Review

Feb. 26, 2019 – Links

What we are reading today: China’s Chief Negotiator Literally Laughs In Donald Trump’s Face During Trade Talk – Esquire. A lack of understanding. These Three Things Are Contributing To China’s Bullish Stock Market – Forbes. It is an extension, not a solution. Story spiked: Kim’s Hanoi hotel masterstroke undone as White House press evicted – ABS-CBN. Stumbling out of the gate. Report: Michael Cohen plans to publicly accuse Trump of criminal conduct in office, during dramatic testimony before Congress – Business Insider. Set the DVR. Trump on brink of defeat on border emergency – Politico. May’s Brexit deal, no-deal or delay? PM offers MPs a choice – Reuters. The Health 202: ‘There is no story I think they can tell that would justify the price increases.’ – Washington Post.  Seven Big Pharma execs travel up to Capitol Hill to see how their lobbying dollars are being spent. Housing starts sink 11% to two-year low in December, but rising permits point to rebound – Marketwatch. AT&T defeats U.S. appeal to kill its Time Warner deal – Los Angeles Times. When a judge tells you that your appeal is a bad idea, it is probably a bad idea. 5G Makes the World’s Biggest Smartphone Conference Look More Like CES – Marketwatch. Your phone is obsolete. Elon Musk keeps slamming the SEC on Twitter. He has 2 weeks to respond in court – Los Angeles Times. Just say no to tweets. Yellen delivers harshest criticism yet of Trump, who declined to hire her …