“Eat the Bankers: The Case Against Usury: The Root Cause of the Economic Crisis and the Fix” draws on 4,000 years of collective wisdom to explain and solve the current financial crisis. “Eat the Bankers” examines the root cause of the economic failure, while skewering and roasting the culprits who looted the treasury. The real reason behind the systematic destruction of the economy is usury – the blunt edged axe that has chopped the feet out from under the middle class. Eat the Bankers is written in a plain language, suitable for financial junkies as well as novices; it is well documented and well structured; it informs, educates, enlightens — and it will piss you off. “Eat the Bankers” is timely and controversial. People hate bankers, and the bankers will hate “Eat the Bankers”. Best of all, it is an exciting read. Click here to order Eat the Bankers from Amazon.com: