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Feb. 18, 2019 – Links

Feb. 18, 2019 – Links

What we are reading today:

Happy Presidents Day! History is hard – Axios. Shining a light from Mr. Franklin’s light bulb.

White House defends Trump’s emergency declaration as lawsuits and political battles mount – Washington Post.  Wrench, courts, emergency declaration, and a lifetime of legal challenges.

The 47 most outrageous lines from Donald Trump’s wild national emergency declaration – CNN.  The number seems low.

Time to Panic – New York Times. If you are not freaked out by climate change, you haven’t been paying attention.

Guns, Crime, and Corruption: Bolsonaro’s First Month in Office – Reader Supported News. No guesswork here. Privatization is scavenging the last bits of meat from the infrastructure skeleton.

US aid lands in Colombia as part of effort to deliver supplies to Venezuela – CNN.

In their own words: why seven MPs are quitting Labour – The Guardian.

Facebook labelled ‘digital gangsters’ by report on fake news – The Guardian.

Mike Pence Expected Applause When He Mentioned Trump in Munich. He Got Silence. – Slate. … from allies.

North Carolina’s election fraud scandal is heading toward a dramatic resolution – Vox.

Apple could be looking for its next big revenue model – TechCrunch. Evolving from the phone to ?? Maybe TV?

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