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Feb. 21, 2019 Links

What we are reading today.

The Mueller Report Is Coming. Here’s What to Expect. – New York Times. A lot of people are going to be upset; we just don’t yet know which side.

Robert Mueller’s “collusion” case so far, explained – Vox. Too far or not far enough.

BAML: Investors are freaking out about the rising prospect of a global recession. – Business Insider. The biggest fear for credit investors. The trigger? Maybe that Commerce Dept is expected to report that foreign car imports pose a national security threat and might be subject to tariffs.

Autos, planes boost durable-goods orders in December, but growth was invisible outside of transportation – Marketwatch. If cars and planes are stripped out of the equation, orders rose just 0.1%. So, yes, tariffs on cars would probably lead to a global recession.

Leading index for U.S. economy falls in January, but there’s a catch – Marketwatch. Incomplete data due to government shutdown.

JP Morgan economists now see the economy growing at just 1.5% pace this quarter – CNBC. Following the fourth quarter’s sluggish 1.4 percent pace.

Bad economic news is bad for the stock market again with the Fed already on hold – CNBC.  The “put” is not in play while the Fed hits pause.

The Supreme Court Just Stopped Local Sheriffs From Carjacking to Pay the Bills – Yahoo. The 14th Amendment’s excessive fines and the 8th Amendment’s due process kill the local sheriff’s slush fund.

The bizarre election fraud hearings that could lead to a new House election in North Carolina, explained – Vox. It sounds as crazy as the plot for a soap opera, but this is serious fraud – a coordinated, well-funded theft.

Aid is piling up on Venezuela’s border. Here’s why it’s not getting in – CNN. Guaido promises aid will get in Feb. 23. Maduro says no. The stage is set for confrontation.

Oakland teachers strike against a district that’s also broke – CNN. Teachers can’t afford to go to work. Oakland plans layoffs because they can’t pay for what they have.

CVS drops $7B in market cap as it predicts rough year ahead – Boston Business Journal.  A $69 billion merger with Aetna will be tough to digest.

The Influencer Marketing Report: Research, strategy & platforms for leveraging social media influencers – Business Insider.

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