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Feb. 28, 2019 – Links

This is what we are reading:

Trump’s approach with Kim Jong Un didn’t work this time – Vox. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Michael Cohen’s testimony: A dark spectacle, and a severe indictment of America’s political culture – Salon. Cohen presents criminal evidence, asserting that Trump carried out a criminal conspiracy while he was president. Mueller has much more info than Cohen.

Cohen Testimony Suggests NY Prosecutors Pose Major Danger to Trump – NBC News. If RICO comes into play, it would come from the SDNY, which is not restricted in the same manner as the Special Counsels’ Office.

Michael Cohen Accused Trump and His Family of a Lot of Crimes Today – Mother Jones. Did you notice how the GOP reps attacked Cohen but did not defend Trump?

Attorney general decides to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges – USA Today. The first time in Israeli history that a sitting prime minister has been charged with a crime. Elections in 2 months.

Fourth-quarter GDP increases 2.6%, better than expected – CNBC. Matching economic growth in 2015.

Trump and GOP promised economic growth much better than Obama’s. That’s not what happened – CNBC. Looks like a sugar high rather than an economic transformation. Most forecasts call for economic growth to slow.

If a Recession Shows Up in 2020, Who Will Have Predicted It? – Econbrowser. I go with 2019.

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