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Links 09-26-2017

Links 09-26-2017

CBO Projects Graham-Cassidy Would Reduce Spending And Coverage – Health Affairs Blog.Org (a trillion here, a trillion there and pretty soon, you’re talking real money)

Sen. Susan Collins says she will vote ‘no’ on Obamacare repeal bill, likely dooming it, after CBO warns of ‘millions’ more uninsured – CNBC

In Battered Puerto Rico, Governor Warns of a Humanitarian Crisis – NY Times

Trump Talks Puerto Rico Debt Amid Hurricane Damage, Twitter Is Not Happy – International Business Times

Nearly Half of Americans Don’t Know Puerto Ricans Are Fellow Citizens – NY Times

Facebook, Microsoft Construct 4,100-Mile Transatlantic Underwater Cable – International Business Times

Equifax CEO Richard Smith Resigns After Uproar Over Massive Hack – Bloomberg

If Someone Hadn’t Traded On Hacked SEC Files, We’d Never Have Known The SEC Was Hacked – DealBreaker

Education Isn’t the Key to a Good Income – The Atlantic

Iceberg Four Times the Size of Manhattan Just Broke From an Antarctic Glacier, Fueling Concerns of Runaway Ice Retreat –


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