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Links 10-10-2017

Links 10-10-2017

Napa, Sonoma wineries hit hard by wildfires – USA Today

P&G Declares Victory Over Peltz, But Investor Disputes Vote – Bloomberg – The barbarians are at the gate demanding fabric softener.

Scott Pruitt Says That EPA Will Repeal the Clean Power Plan – Frontline – Pruitt declares, “War on coal is over.” Yep, and coal lost. Pruitt also issues proclamation to bring back whale oil “to light America’s future.”

U.S. Supreme Court declines to review computer hacking cases – Reuters – Cyber security in its infancy.

North Korean Hackers Stole U.S.-South Korean Military Plans, Lawmaker Says – NY Times – A distinct disadvantage.

Wal-Mart sees U.S. online sales soaring 40 percent in fiscal year 2019 – Reuters – Increasing online sales with organic share buybacks.

Fed Minutes May Underline Depth of Backing for December Hike – Bloomberg

IMF cuts forecast for U.S. economy amid doubts Trump can enact tax cuts – Washington Post – Globalization and its discontents.

Catalan Separatists Face Their Moment of Truth – Bloomberg

Congressman suggests Charlottesville was George Soros–backed conspiracy – Vice News – In intense voting, Gosar wins Idiot of the Day Award.



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