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Links – January 24, 2019

January 24, 2019

Here is what we are reading today: 

Trump’s Dumping of Maduro Could Be Just the Start – The Atlantic. This past December I visited Brazil. While there I had a conversation with one man who warned me about Venezuela. He claimed there was a grand scheme for the U.S. to invade Venezuela with the assistance of Brazil (and recently elected president Bolsonaro). It all sounds a bit fantastic until you recall that Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world. Wag the dog?

Amid The Venezuelan Crisis, A Look At Oil, Russia And Trump – Forbes. Sanctions on the way. A reminder that Russia is a minority owner of Citgo. The list of interested parties grows to Venezuela, USA, Brazil, Russia. Toss in China (which has also been working on oil deals with Venezuela). What could go wrong?

Russia: US military intervention in Venezuela would be ‘catastrophic scenario’ – The Hill.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross: The US is still ‘miles and miles’ from a trade deal with China – CNBC. This must be Wilbur’s designated day n the media barrel. Have you noticed how all the talks with China never go anywhere? A March deadline looms. This trade war could escalate quickly. Should we be considering the possibility that this trade war with China might not get resolved?

Wilbur Ross says unpaid federal workers shouldn’t need food banks, they can just get a loan – CNBC.  Let them eat cake.

Senate Sets Test Votes to End Government Shutdown as Pressure Mounts – New York Times. This is procedural – do not expect a resolution.

Trump Says He’ll Delay Speech Until After Shutdown, as Democrats Draft Border Security Plan – New York Times. No means no.

Aviation Professionals Warn of Dire Risk Amid Shutdown – New York Times. Air safety is deteriorating by the day; just a matter of time until the system breaks. Enjoy your flight.

Cohen subpoenaed to testify before Senate Intel – The Hill.

10 key moments from day three at Davos – World Economic Forum.

CEOs sour on Trump policies, warn they hurt business, investment – Reuters. The yellow vests aren’t happy either.

Davos, this is outrageous – Washington Post.  How to pick just one?

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