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Mar. 14, 2019 Links

What we are reading today:

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Deutsche Bank: Europe is the biggest risk to the global economy right now – Yahoo. La récession arrive, peut-être. Und die Deutsche Bank ist möglicherweise die größte Gefahr für die Eurozone. (I hope that says what I think it says.)

New York Attorney General Subpoenas Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank Over Trump – Fortune.

In overwhelmingly bipartisan vote, House calls for Mueller report to be made public – Washington Post.  It’s on everybody’s reading list.

Senate votes to block Trump’s ‘emergency’ at border; veto looms – Yahoo. Next – veto followed by court. The wall is never going to happen.

Facebook and Instagram are finally recovering from one of the worst outages in their history – Business Insider. Why can’t they just stay down?

Facebook is reportedly under criminal investigation over deals that gave Apple, Amazon, and other companies access to user data – Business Insider. Nah, Facebook would never violated the privacy of users, would it?

College admissions scandal fallout: Stanford students sue UCLA, USC and Yale – Los Angeles Times. The application process was rigged and the value of a degree diminished.

Brexit Live Updates: Parliament Votes to Delay Britain’s E.U. Departure – New York Times. T minus 2 weeks and still no deal so they vote to extend the deadline. All 27 of the other members of the EU bloc would need to agree to extend the exit process.

‘Bomb cyclone’ brings blizzards, flooding and hurricane-force winds to central US, and it’s not over – CNN. Rain, snow, flooding, tornadoes, a Cat 1 on the Great Plains.

Here’s 10 Surprising Pi Day Facts – WRTV. Number 9 disturbs me.

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