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Mar. 19, 2019

What we are reading today:

Hopes of accommodative Fed spur Wall Street to five-month highs – Reuters. When doves reign.

A Mar-a-Lago Weekend and an Act of God: Trump’s History With Deutsche Bank – New York Times. Interesting story but many unanswered questions.

America Cares About Climate Change Again – The Atlantic. Opinions are changing. Will that be converted into action?

Record Floods Could “Test the Limits” of Midwest Defenses – Scientific American. Expecting considerable impact over the next couple of weeks.

5G IS COMING FOR REAL, BUT IT WILL COST YOU – Wired. An extra $10 per month. More than a simple upgrade.

Arizona’s 2020 Senate Race Already Looks Tough For Everyone – FiveThirtyEight. McSally was appointed to McCain’s old seat. A special election will be held in 2020, and it could decide which party controls the chamber.

People want higher taxes on rich, better welfare: 21-country OECD survey – Reuters. When the pendulm swings to far one way, you know what happens next.

How to tax the rich, explained – Vox.

Mike Trout finalizing record $426.5 million commitment over next 12 years with Angels – USA Today. Priorities skewed.

Supermoon, first day of spring are an astronomical doubleheader coming Wednesday – USA Today. Spring is about to …

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