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Mar. 20, 2019 – Links

What we are reading today:

Fed Holds Rates Steady and Predicts No Increases in 2019 – New York Times. The alternate headline: “Fed Holds Rates Steady as Economic Growth Stalls.” Stocks jump at the prospect of cheap money. Buckle up.

The Brexit mess gets messier as the deadline nears – Washington Post. March 29 deadline. Everyone should now finalize all preparations for a no-deal scenario. Meeting the deadline is just the first of many hard choices which the UK will have to make after Brexit.

Why A Big China Trade Win Is Slipping Out Of Trump’s Grasp; Dow Jones Falls – Investor’s Business Daily. What does a big China trade win look like? We grow weary of the idea that a deal is imminent. Xi is infinitely more patient than Trump. China has the Belt and Road Initiative. The US has lobbyists. It’s very hard to have both a trade war and rising stock prices.

Jamie Dimon: The U.S. economy should have grown 40% in the last decade, not 20% – Yahoo Finance.  Once again, Dimon starts with the germ of an idea and turns it into a nasty case of flu. Dimon seems to think schools are responsible for training employees.  Schools educate students. Businesses need to educate their own workers. Once upon a time, unions played an important part in training workers. I’m not sure what skill set JPM is looking for. Considering the deferred prosecution agreements against JPM (which is an admission of guilt), maybe Dimon is just full of bull.

In Washington, Brazil’s New President Bolsonaro Meets His Doppelganger – Forbes.

 Pesticide residues found in 70% of produce sold in US even after washing – The Guardian. Bon appetit.

F.A.A. Approval of Boeing Jet Involved in Two Crashes Comes Under Scrutiny – New York Times. Uncertified pilots, software glitches, and nearly $800,000 on lobbying last month.

Do Supermoons Matter? Yes! Why You Need To See Tonight’s ‘Equinox Supermoon’ And Its ‘Moon Illusion’ – Forbes. Spring has sprung.

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