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Mar. 4, 2019 – Links

What we are reading today:

McConnell: Measure to block Trump’s national emergency has enough votes to pass Senate – Washington Post. This will lead to a veto, followed by court dates.

House Judiciary Committee launches sweeping Trump probe – Axios.

House panel seeks Trump documents from 81 individuals and organizations – The Guardian.

21 states to file suit to block Trump administration’s abortion ‘gag rule’ in family planning program – Washington Post.

The Geography of Partisan Prejudice – The Atlantic. Cool interactive map.

Theresa May accused of ‘bribing’ Labour MPs to back her Brexit deal – Business Insider. Shocked, shocked I tell you.

Dow Plunges Below 26,000 after Donald Trump Bashes Fed – Yahoo.

Trump’s trade war cost Americans $1.4 billion per month last year, according to a new report – Business Insider. Everything costs something.

Easier for China to face tariffs than bend to U.S. pressure – Reuters.

Eli Lilly rolls out half-price generic of its main insulin – Axios.

Exclusive: OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma exploring bankruptcy – sources – Reuters. Company has plenty of liquidity. They also have 2,000 lawsuits. This is how they avoid justice.

How Dayton, Ohio, halved opioid deaths in 2018 – and inspired other cities – The Guardian. Help not handcuffs.

A single-payer advocate answers the big question: How do we pay for it? – Vox.

Why this climate change data is on flip-flops, leggings, and cars – Vox.

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