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Scott Paul

Listen to Scott Paul and Sinclair Noe discuss the November 2014 jobs report:

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Remaking America by Richard McCormack
Scott Paul – contributing author.

Since the Industrial Revolution, the prosperity of America has depended on the strength of its manufacturing base. America is risking the future of its manufacturing sector, and with it the economic health of the nation and the standard of living of its people. Our competitors understand what’s at stake and are adopting policies to ensure their own success. America must do the same. First, that requires understanding the problem. Then, it requires that a new strategy be deployed, one that re-establishes the sector that made America great: manufacturing. A new era of innovation and technology is unfolding. We need to further encourage the growth of reshoring production back to the United States and investment in new production technologies and products that will transform the global economy. ReMaking America is the second volume on manufacturing policy edited by Richard McCormack. The first, Manufacturing a Better Future for America, came on the heels of the worst decade for manufacturing in our nation’s history. It set the stage for an unprecedented focus on Made in America. ReMaking America unveils a new story: one of hope. With the right policies, the authors argue, manufacturing may see a new dawn in America along with the wealth and growth opportunities needed to keep the American Dream alive.

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