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Sharon Lechter – Think and Grow Rich for Women

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Sharon Lechter – Think and Grow Rich for Women: Using Your Power to Create Success and Significance

Lechter, coauthor of the best-selling Rich Dad, Poor Dad (2007), revisits Napoleon Hill’s 1937 self-help book from the perspective of modern women, who stand to inherit nearly $30 trillion in global wealth. Mindful that advice on wealth accumulation can be much the same for men and women, Lechter argues that the difference in women’s values calls for a different perspective. But she takes issue with the notion that women need to seek a balance between home life and career, instead counseling women to replace guilt with power to make choices to create “one big life filled with love, family, satisfaction, success, and significance.” She begins each chapter with a contemporary review of Hill’s book, then offers lessons on how women have applied his philosophy, drawing on interviews with successful women, from the founder of Mary Kay cosmetics to Condoleezza Rice to Sandra Day O’Connor. Following Hill’s example, she offers a sisterhood MasterMind compendium of inspirational quotes from women and ends each chapter with prompts for formulating an action plan to further career goals.

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