Thursday, June 06, 2013 – The World is Changing

The World is Changing by Sinclair Noe DOW + 80 = 15,040SPX + 13 = 1622NAS + 22 = 342410 YR YLD – .03 = 2.07OIL + .91 = 94.41GOLD + 11.00 = 1414.70SILV + .04 = 22.69 Today is June 6; on this date 69 years ago, nearly 200,000 Allied troops invaded the Normandy coast. Today is and will always be D-Day. The world is changing. For the first time in modern times, the emerging markets now account for more than half of global GDP. And they are continuing to grow; the majority of global growth the rest of this decade will happen in the developing world. India and China alone will make up almost half of it. The growth in emerging markets is partly a matter of playing catch up. Emerging markets have more room to grow; developed markets have already experienced the growth. The center of world economics is shifting, and it is shifting to the east. The International Labor Organization released its annual “World of Work” (PDF)report today. The employment rate won’t return to pre-crisis levels in emerging markets until 2015, while advanced economies will have to wait until 2017 for their work woes to end. But even then, the number of unemployed people is still set to grow 4% to 208 million in 2015. How can the employment rate and unemployment levels rise simultaneously? Because the unemployed are dropping out of the work force: In more than half of the countries surveyed, labor force participation …