Monday, September 09, 2013 – The Problem Is We Do Get It

The Problem Is We Do Get It by Sinclair Noe DOW + 140 = 15,063SPX + 16 = 1671NAS + 46 = 370610 YR YLD – .04 = 2.90%OIL – 1.56 = 108.97GOLD – 2.30 = 1387.50SILV – .13 = 23.82 The war hasn’t started…, yet. A funny thing happened today; for a few moments the constant drumbeats for war were quieted, and there was talk of a diplomatic solution; fleeting, nothing concrete, hypothetical, could disintegrate in the flicker of a butterfly’s wing. Russia jumped on a remark by Secretary of State John Kerry, who said Syria should save itself by handing over its chemical weapons. Kerry was quick to dismiss as hypothetical his own comment that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could avert U.S. strikes by surrendering his chemical arsenal to international control. But Assad’s ally Russia quickly turned it into a firm proposal that was “welcomed” by Damascus and echoed by the UN chief Ban Ki-moon. The White House said it was “seriously skeptical” but would take a “hard look” at the proposal. Russia’s foreign minister said he would push Assad to place Syria’s stockpile of nerve gases, blister agents and other chemical agents under UN supervision for eventual destruction. He said Russia also would push Syria to sign the Chemical Weapons Convention, the international treaty that prohibits use of poison gas. The Syrian government quickly put out a statement saying it would cooperate. Can you trust Russia to broker a peace deal? Hell no. Over the last weeks, …