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Proportional Response Play in new window | Download (Duration: 13:16 — 6.1MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSFinancial Review by Sinclair Noe DOW + 421 = 17,778 SPX + 48 = 2061 NAS + 104 = 4748 10 YR YLD + .05 = 2.20% OIL – 1.88 = 54.59 GOLD + 9.00 = 1198.90 SILV + .13 = 15.98 If you were waiting for confirmation, you got it. The major indices went through about 7 days of doom and gloom. Maybe this has something to do with the Federal Reserve’s FOMC statement yesterday. The central bank said in its official statement Wednesday it would “be patient” in deciding when to start raising interest rates from near zero. But then it added that it sees “this guidance as consistent with its previous statement” pledging to keep rates very low for “considerable time.” When asked what “patient” meant, Chairwoman Yellen said the Fed would not begin hiking rates for “a couple” of meetings. Pressed further, she confirmed “a couple” means two. But I’m not sure whether it was hawkish or dovish; more likely it was just a continuation. Here’s my guess and it is only a guess because I don’t know and probably nobody knows. My guess is that a lot of money has come out of oil lately and now that money is moving back into stocks. It’s the buy on the dip mentality, with a little sector rotation on the side. Whatever it was, it was the best day for the …


Thursday, February 07, 2013 –

Waiting for the Apocalypse by Sinclair Noe DOW – 42 = 13,944SPX – 2 = 1509NAS – 3 = 316510 YR YLD -.02 = 1.95%OIL – .74 = 95.88GOLD – 6.30 = 1672.00SILV – .39 = 31.56 Some day this war will end. Some day we will have an apocalypse, not in the terrifying version of the word but in the original Greek definition of “apokalypsis”, meaning an “uncovering”, a “lifting of the veil”, or “the disclosure of something hidden”. One day we will wake up and realize that money is printed out of thin air and it is not a store of wealth but a vessel of debt; the veil will be lifted and we will see the debt masters for what they truly are. Until then we get little surprises in the form of troves of emails revealing the reality that the financial markets are not bastions of cool rationalism, nor are they temples to integrity; and the lubricant of commerce may be nothing more than a tar pit. We have been reading the emails from Barclays, UBS, and S&P describing how they would rig rates or rate deals for a cow if only they could get their cut. Sometimes the language is clipped in an instant messaging style of prose, sometimes it is profane in a way that would make Tony Soprano blush, and it seems to be flowing forth in a never-ending stream of culpability. Some day this war will end. But not today. Today we …