Wednesday, March 12, 2014 – The Next 25 Years

The Next 25 Years by Sinclair Noe DOW – 11 = 16,340SPX + 0.57 = 1868NAS + 16 = 432310 YR YLD – .04 = 2.72%OIL – 1.96 = 98.07GOLD + 17.70 = 1368.20SILV + .43 = 21.42 Let’s run through some of the economic and business news and then we’ll get to today’s anniversary. Stocks were flat. People are still trying to make heads or tails of this mixed up world. The situation in Ukraine is not improving. The EU agreed a framework for its first sanctions on Russia since the Cold War. Protesters battled soldiers in the streets of Caracas, Venezuela; two more protesters were shot; dozens were injured. Riot police clashed with demonstrators in several Turkish cities for a second day as mourners buried a teenager wounded in protests last summer. The Senate Banking Committee announced an agreement on legislation to wind down the government-owned mortgage financiers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Share price cratered. Herbalife says the Federal Trade Commission has opened an inquiry into the company. The FTC confirms the inquiry, but not the nature of the inquiry. Share price cratered. Copper prices dropped to the lowest level in almost 4 years; this goes back to China, and is a canary in the coal mine for industrial demand. China is one of the metal’s biggest customers and there has been recent poor trade data out of China. Two Chinese solar companies have defaulted in the past week. The general risk from here is that this …