January, Tuesday 10, 2012

DOW + 69 = 12,462SPX + 11 = 1292NAS +25 = 270210 YR YLD +.01 = 1.97%OIL +.84 = 102.15GOLD +21.20 = 1633.20SILV +.89 = 30.04PLAT + 39.00 = 1467.00  The S&P 500 Index moved back to its highest level since July. There was positive reaction to earnings. Alcoa kicked off the earnings reporting season by announcing they lost $193 million dollars in the fourth quarter. Go figure. Is the economy facing inflation or deflation? The answer is – yes. Two Federal Reserve officials laid out contrasting views of Fed attempts to bolster the economy, with one seeing a need for more asset purchases and another warning that current accommodation risks provoking instability. Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco President John Williams sees a “strong” case for new purchases of mortgage bonds given his expectation that inflation will fall below 1.5 percent this year. His counterpart in Kansas City, Esther George, said officials must weigh whether their current policy is increasing the odds of renewed financial turmoil. In his speech, Williams credited the Fed’s emergency lending to financial institutions with keeping the U.S. economy from falling into an abyss in 2008 and 2009. He said it’s “vital” for policy makers to support an economy that’s hobbled by high unemployment, anemic spending and a weak housing market. Williams thinks the Fed should provide more stimulus for the economy. George, in her speech said “the economy is going through a deleveraging process and that takes time. Efforts to speed up that process run …