March, Wednesday 21, 2012

DOW – 45 = 13,124SPX – 2 = 1402NAS + 1 = 307510 YR YLD -.08 = 2.29%OIL -.36 = 106.91GOLD -.70 = 1651.10SILV +.01 = 32.27PLAT – 16.00 = 1646.00 Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke  testified on Europe to the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform. In his prepared remarks, Bernanke said: “Financial strains in Europe have also shown through to our financial markets. During times when financial conditions in Europe were at their most turbulent, investors around the world retreated from riskier assets. In the United States, these pullbacks decreased stock prices increased the costs of issuing corporate debt, and reduced consumer and business confidence. In addition, U.S. financial institutions that were thought to have substantial exposures to Europe saw their stock prices fall and their credit spreads widen.” “The difficulties in the euro area have affected the U.S. economy,” Bernanke said. “The European Union accounts for roughly one-fifth of U.S. exports of goods and services. Not surprisingly, U.S. exports to Europe over the past two years have underperformed our exports to the rest of the world. In addition, weaker demand from Europe has slowed growth in other economies, which has also lowered foreign demand for our products.” Bernanke said: “U.S. financial firms and money market funds have had time to adjust their exposures and hedge their risks to some degree as the European situation has evolved, but the risks of contagion remain a concern for both these institutions and their supervisors and regulators.” In particular, Bernanke …