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Wednesday, June 04, 2014 – An Airtight Defense

An Airtight Defense by Sinclair Noe   DOW + 15 = 16,737 SPX + 3 = 1927 (record close) NAS + 17 = 4251 10 YR YLD + .01 = 2.60% OIL – .27 = 102.39 GOLD – 1.30 = 1244.60 SILV – .01 = 18.90   Eight times a year the Federal Reserve gathers economic updates from the 12 districts and publishes the information about two weeks before its FOMC meetings. The data is published in a beige folder, and that is why it is called the Beige Book, although it might actually refer to the writing style. Anyway, economic activity expanded all across the country, with most districts reporting moderate or modest growth. Consumer spending expanded across almost all districts. Tourism was another bright spot and manufacturing activity expanded across the country. Home sales were described as “mixed across the country” even as home prices continue to rise. Labor markets were described as steady. Inflation was tame, with a slight exception for higher food prices in some areas.   In other words, when the Fed meets in a couple of weeks, there won’t be any big changes in monetary policy.   The Institute for Supply Management said its services index rose to 56.3%, its highest level since August, from 55.2% in April. That’s the number and they’re sticking with it.   The US trade deficit grew to $47 billion in April, up from $44 billion in March. Exports slowed in April, down slightly to $193 billion. Imports, meanwhile, …


Friday, May 18, 2012 – Europe, Before the Flood – by Sinclair Noe

DOW – 73 = 12,369SPX – 9 = 1295NAS – 34 = 277810 YR YLD un = 1.70%OIL – .57 = 93.41GOLD + 17.80 = 1593.10SILV +.67 = 28.82 PLAT + 2.00 = 1461.00 “He hath indeed better bettered expectation than you must expect of me to tell you how.” The Facebook Frenzy turned out to be a fairly orderly IPO. Share prices fluctuated but did not collapse nor did they soar; which means the price and quantity were about right; the underwriter was competent and reasonably accurate. The NASDAQ had some trouble executing trades but that was a relatively minor problem. Now, the new Facebook millionaires and billionaires have some heavy lifting to prove their value. Time will tell, and good luck to them in their efforts. FB +.23 = 38.23 I know its the biggest internet IPO ever, but in reality it’s much ado about nothing. The European economic crisis is expected to top the agenda at the G8 meeting tomorrow at Camp David. In Greece, voters will soon head to the polls for another round of elections which will be viewed by many as a referendum on the euro. The European Commission and the European Central Bank have been working on contingency plans in the event of a Greece exit from the 17-nation euro zone. Concern about whether Greece’s troubles would spread to other European nations hit the market last fall. It’s hard to imagine between what went on last fall and now, that a lot of …