Thursday, May 17, 2012 – Banks Start to Run – by Sinclair Noe

DOW – 156 = 12,442SPX – 19 = 1304NAS – 60 = 281310 YR YLD -.06 = 1.70%OIL +.17 = 92.73GOLD + 34.00 = 1575.30SILV +.78 = 28.15PLAT + 19.00 = 1459.00 The Dow Industrials have now dropped for 11 out of the past 12 trading sessions, giving back all the gains going back to the start of the year. Greece’s caretaker Cabinet was sworn in this morning and they’ll hold power at least until next month’s election.  The European Central Bank has stopped providing funds to Greek banks. People have been pulling euros out of the Greek banks, concerned about a possible exit from the Euro-zone common currency and a return to the Drachma, which would be an effective devaluation. So Greek citizens take their money out the front door of the bank and the ECB refuses to replenish supplies, and something has to give. There will be an election in about one month. There will be attempts to find a resolution. German Chancellor Merkel is even considering lifting the jackboot of austerity from the necks of the Greeks. It is one thing to demand fealty, it is another to consider the very real possibility of a Greek exit from the Euro-union. Germans are starting to realize that a Greek exit from the Euro-union will be very expensive. Everybody is now doing a study to determine how much a Greek exit might cost; the numbers seem to run in the trillions. So, why not find a cheaper solution? Which …


Thursday, May 10, 2012 – JP Morgan Chase Goes Boom

DOW +19 = 12,855SPX + 3 = 1357 NAS – 1 = 2933 10 YR YLD + .05 = 1.88%OIL – .26 = 96.55GOLD + 4.00 = 1594.40SILV -.23 = 29.14PLAT – 13.00 = 1492.00 So, it was a quiet day in the markets, not much going on; the Dow and the S&P managed to eke out modest gains, and this was welcome following 6 days of losses. Back in early April I told you to start getting out of the market, based in part, on the the idea of “Sell in May and stay away”. Sure, enough, May has been ugly, but not every day is ugly. There will be ups and downs. The past six days have been down; today the markets stopped banging their head against a wall, but the headache hasn’t gone away. All in all, an uneventful trading day. And then after the closing bell – boom! JP Morgan Chase lost about $2 billion on mark-to-market accounting tied to synthetic credit securities after positions taken by its chief investment office were riskier than expected. JPMorgan’s chief investment office, or CIO has been transformed in recent years under Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon, into a unit that makes bigger and riskier speculative bets with the bank’s money, five former employees of the bank said earlier this year. Some of the bets were so big that the bank probably couldn’t unwind them without losing money or roiling financial markets. Losses in CIO’s synthetic credit portfolio have been …


Friday, April 13, 2012

DOW – 136 = 12,849SPX – 17 = 1370NAS – 44 = 301110 YR YLD -.05 = 2.00%OIL – .81 = 102.83GOLD – 16.80 – 1659.50SILV – .88 = 31.60PLAT – 20.00 = 1581.00 The S&P 500 is now down 3.4 percent from this year’s closing high, after falling 2.7 percent over the past two weeks. Wells Fargo and JP Morgan reported first quarter results; both beat expectations. JP Morgan came in with EPS of $1.31 on $26.7b in revenues; topping estimates of EPS $1.18 and revenues of $24.6b. Wells Fargo posted EPS of $0.75 on $21.6b in revenues, beating estimates of $0.73 and $20.4b. JP Morgan made a big chunk of earnings by lowering their reserves for loan losses by $2 billion. In the last 2 years, JP Morgan has generated $12.3 billion in non-earning earnings, even as non-performing loans increased by $600 million in the last quarter. Or as CNBS said, they “blew expectations out of the water.” Blowing smoke is more like it. WFC – 3.4% JPM -3.6% BAC -5.3% GS -4.4% C -3.5%. Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan said he would fight buyback demands or repurchase claims on mortgage securities that turned sour. Bank of America has already lost a few of these multi-billion dollar battles. JP Morgan is in the same business as Bank of America. Jamie Dimon briefly responded to questions about the Chief Investment Office, or CIO; that’s the proprietary trading division. According to JP Morgan the CIO division uses approximately …