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Fed Day Play in new window | Download (Duration: 13:15 — 7.6MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS…..FOMC raises rates; very expected; not hawkish. CPI inches higher. Retail sales slow. Business inventories rise. Twitter hacked. Dutch Trump loses. MIT rewards rules breakers. Financial Review by Sinclair Noe for 03-15-2017


Wednesday, March 06, 2013 – Hollowed Out

Mark your Calendar, April 5 & 6 and make your reservations for the 2013 Wealth Protection Conference in Tempe, AZ. For conference information visit www.buysilvernow.comor click here or call 480-820-5877. Hollowed Out by Sinclair Noe DOW + 42 = 14,296SPX + 1 = 1541NAS – 1 = 322210 YR YLD +.04 = 1.94%OIL – .39 = 90.43GOLD + 8.70 = 1585.10SILV + .34 = 29.04 I have to admit to a hollow feeling in these celebrations. The High Frequency Traders are probably having fun. The Wall Street banksters are swimming in waves of liquidity, freakishly similar to 2007, when they leveraged everything and then leveraged the leverage, and then leveraged the risk on the leverage. And after they burned the place to the ground, they took a bailout to rebuild, and they left the grounds slathered in debt. So, the Fed has cut interest rates to near zero, which is the optimal level when you are getting buried in debt. The low interest rate has the combined effect of lowering debt issuance and servicing costs, as well as increasing bank margins. The side effect is that currency debasement boosts competitiveness, investment and inflation. A few jobs result from increased competitiveness, but not enough to create a virtuous cycle. ADP said the private sector added 198,000 jobs last month; tomorrow we get the government’s monthly jobs report; and the word we now associate with the jobs report is “modest”. Here we are again; the Fed is juicing asset values and telling …