Wednesday, May 9, 2012 – Greek Government, Spanish Banks, Gold Prices – It’s All Messy

DOW – 97 = 12,835SPX – 9 = 1354NAS – 11 = 293410 YR YLD unch = 1.84% OIL – .56 = 96.45GOLD – 15.40 = 1590.40SILV – .20 = 29.37PLAT – 12.00 = 1505.00 The Greek tragedy continues; no success so far in negotiations to form a coalition government after weekend elections resulted in a deadlock. It looks like there might be another election in June. The Greeks accepted another $5 billion dollar bailout payment today, so they keep the government afloat for a few more weeks. Now, the chatter is shifting to the very real idea that Greece will exit the Euro, and trying to figure out the implications. The concern is that exiting the Eurozone is going to be impossible and possibly will trigger a cascade of bad economic consequences. Absolutely right, but only because it might be done in an uncontrolled manner. The Federal Reserve and the ECB and the IMF and all the others have been saying that the Euro-crisis is under control. If, or when Greece exits the Euro, nobody should be surprised; this train has been rolling down the track for a couple of years, and the Germans and ECB and IMF and Fed all had plenty of time to come up with solutions. And they didn’t. So, now the Greek voters have come up with a solution. They didn’t come up with a unanimous decision, not even a plurality. The whole thing was a crazy mish-mash of votes, ranging from communists to …