Wednesday, May 16, 2012 – Admit Nothing – by Sinclair Noe

DOW – 6.66 = 12,496 SPX + 2 = 1318NAS + 11 = 285010 YR YLD -.07 = 1.72OIL +.62 = 90.51GOLD – 6.00 = 1563.30SILV -.36 = 27.94PLAT – 20.00 = 1430.00 A listener writes: Maybe they should have renamed the company “Two Facedbook” at the IPO for all of the double dealing and back door insider information. One face for Joe public and the other face for Joe privileged… My .02 worth. We are learning details, and we will learn many more details as the Facebook Fiasco works its way through the courts. Zuckerberg made a boatload of money but he will spend a large part of his life dealing with lawyers and the legal system. At first blush it appears the bankers were behaving badly. Go figure. The latest revelation is that Facebook officials told the analysts for the banks that were underwriting the IPO to reduce revenue and earnings forecasts. Facebook backed off and said, “hey, get your models down.” Facebook’s advisory came around May 9, the day it published an amended prospectus that included a cautionary note about lower advertising revenue. It isn’t known which analysts from the 33 IPO underwriters were contacted by Facebook with the revised guidance. It also isn’t clear exactly who from Facebook gave the guidance. The analysts cut their estimates because a Facebook executive told them to. The information about the estimate cut was then verbally conveyed to sophisticated institutional investors who were considering buying Facebook stock, but not to smaller investors. The …